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Thank you for your interest in viewing Sky Bergman’s inspiring documentary. Covenant Living is proud to be able to offer you this showing of “Lives Well Lived”.

Weaving together the personal journeys of 40 people, ages 75 to 100, this film reveals the lessons learned over 3,000 years of collective life experience. Click the link below to view this critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary. Then, enjoy a short video of our very own residents sharing how they continue to live life well with the help of Assisted Living at Covenant Living communities.

Assisted Living at Covenant Living:

Just the help you need to continue to live life well.

Aging well is about so much more than accomplishing daily tasks. To stay happy, it’s also important you remain as independent as possible, stay engaged and continue to learn while living each day with confidence.

Not only does Assisted Living at Covenant Living provide the day-to-day help with tasks like dressing, housekeeping and taking medication, but you will also benefit from being part of a larger community where you can continue to explore life on your terms. From dining with friends, to gardening and painting, to fitness, wellness and even dance classes, opportunities for growth and fun will help keep you living the life you love.

Acclaim for Sky Bergman’s Lives Well Lived

“Lives Well Lived” is an uplifting celebration of the aging journey. It is a powerful manifesto on human capital and possibility. This is a film for all who intend to live life to the fullest.“

– Roger Landry MD MPH
Author, “Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging

“What a fantastic and important film! It was inspiring and beautiful, and it shared wisdom and truths that only people who have lived more years can offer. If you’d like to be reminded of how long and rich life can be, look no further.”

– Melissa Spirko
Independent Viewer

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing just how bendy 80-something yoga practitioner Emmy Cleaves is.”

– The Washington Post

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